Myth of Unlimited Web Hosting

If you are in search for a company to serve your web hosting in Davao, you are bound to come across terms such as 'unlimited web hosting'. Well this particular phrase might sound like a business gimmick to attract gullible Internet users or customers who are new in this field. But please don't jump into conclusions or make decisions hastily. Allow me to have the honor of explaining what exactly an unlimited web hosting service is.

From a customer's point of view, you might have the impression that the hosting company is actually providing you their services and are offering features or functions similar to that of a dedicated web host despite the fact that you are paying the fees for a shared one. As you can clearly see, this phrase is aimed at gaining a large crowd of customers' attention. A large banner with 'unlimited' as the starting word is one of the marketing strategies put forward by web host providers.

Before any contracts or agreements are drawn, the host companies would usually carry out investigations on their potential customers' future site. They usually have to estimate the average traffic per day, the amount of files and data in the site and how much resources the company would need to fork out for that particular site. This is important as different websites have different demands, for example, a greater amount of resources is needed to maintain sites with bigger and sophisticated graphics. Therefore, is you already have an existing site with booming traffic, it might be best to stay clear of unlimited hosting since this service is much better adapted to new-comers in the block.

Another factor which might concern you would be the capability of the web host in accommodating your site's needs as it expands and holds large sums of files and data. Here's the catch, the company would most probably ask that you upgrade your service plan to a better one. In the end, the word 'unlimited' doesn't seem to work its charm, so it is important that you go through the fine prints in the agreement forms thoroughly before finalizing the transaction.

There are times when unlimited hosting plans might be a downer especially if you've been with the same company for several years and need to upgrade to an account with better facilities. The gap between the fees might be really huge and you will no doubt feel the pinch. There are often Internet users or webmasters who are accustomed to their original hosting provider and they'd rather stick with their old one even if it costs them quite a significant sum.

All in all, remember that unlimited web hosting in Davao plans aren't as perfect as most people think. Always look out for the technologies, services, specific features, functions and technical support the hosting companies provide. You do not want to be paying a hefty sum yet again after a year when you need additional access to the server resources.

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