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Pixwave has been hosting since 2005, we know what works and what does not. If you want a fast website, with stable network, and top notch support, then look no further. Choose from the great packages to get you going. Pixwave prides itself on the amount of attention we give our servers. We have multiple backup servers that hold multiple backup points of all your data. We can guarantee your website's uptime.

Best Hosting Service for You

Believe it or not, not all web hosting in davao is created equal. At Pixwave we put quality over quantity. We do not overload our servers.
In fact, we purposely limit the number of sites we put on each server so that you get the bandwidth you need and your traffic doesn't slow down, you get a faster, more reliable hosting arrangement with more uptime!

Before you order

As with all of our services it is required that you read the
Terms of Service and Acceptance Use Policy
before purchasing any services from us.

CPANEL Pricing

You may find other hosting companies with lower prices, but remember, you get what your pay for. For them to stay in the business, those bottom-feeding companies have to oversell their network and store as many websites on each server as they possibly can. The result will be slow, unreliable network with lots of downtime. At Pixwave, we never oversell our servers which means your website will run much faster with minimal downtime, most of the time un-notice. Myth of Unlimited Web Hosting

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I also accept 50% TBC CRYPTO /50% Cash payment

About Pixwave

Pixwave has existed in our current form since 2013 - but our IT services have been around since way back in 2004 doing web design & development ,
later decided to focus on web hosting in davao business since more referals are coming in and we just outsource our web design clients to our trusted web Developers.

Why Pixwave?

If you want to create a website, and you’ve never done anything like that before, you are probably wondering where on earth you have to get started. The answer is: You start at a hosting site. Pixwave is one of these hosting sites. The system is quite easy, you choose a web hosting storage provider and purchase a domain name, and the hosting service does the rest for you. All you have to take care of, is how your site looks - Just Hire A Web Designer. Pixwave has pretty affordable and dependable hosting service. At Pixwave the domain is also provided when you purchase your hosting storage. Pixwave also provides free site migration, if you’re switching from host but you want to keep your site, a free Softaculous scripts to install from and lots of other features.

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Our Company

Unlike many local provides, we have the resources in place to provide the same level of service. We run our business the way we have, we have succeeded by offering great services at competitive pricing, and by backing our services with top-notch support, and customer service that is “second to none” - We guarantee that your satisfaction will always be our number one priority - because We Care! We are not going to disappear overnight, like you may have seen others do. At Pixwave you will have Peace of mind.

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Our Features

We do not oversell on our servers. Web host overselling is putting too many sites on one server to allow for more profit per box. Our servers stay fast, secure and reliable because we do not oversell. We do not mislead our customers with "unlimited space" or "unlimited" bandwidth. We decided not to follow the growing crowd of web hosts out there that offer unlimited plans with no intention of allowing their customers to really use what they are paying for. It was our intention to stay honest and give our customers what they pay for.

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We Make your life easy

With our company you may transfer the domain from other host absolutely for free. In addition to that we will provide a free technical assistance during the transfer process.

  • Non-oversold Web Hosting
  • IMAP/POP/SMTP Support
  • Corporate E-mail Accounts
  • FTP & SFTP available
  • High incentives for top performing affiliates!
  • Back-up available
  • Remote MYSQL
  • Cloudflare - Free CDN Hosting - Free Site Security
  • Topnotch Tech Support
  • CPANEL Included
  • With Love and PEACE OF MIND


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P: (+63) 0995 222 4296
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